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Welcome (back) to the one and only Official Sardine Machine Community!

This is where we show you what went on during a three week tour of southern Africa in 1999. A group of 23 people, 6 Americans, 4 Dutchies, 2 Belgians, 4 Norwegians, 2 Canadians, 2 Germans, 1 Polish dude and 2 South Africans tourguides hop on a truck in Cape Town and drive all the way to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

The road takes them through South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, a night out in Zambia and eventually, Zimbabwe. The hot spots included the Fish River Canyon, Etocha National Park, Okavango Delta and Victoria Falls. An amazing ride, a great adventure!!! Welcome to!

We hope the members of the tour will experience that same feeling, relive the tour again and share their experiences with us by contributing to this site. We also hope that the visitors can get a good impression of what happened during that last month of 1999, somewhere in southern Africa.

So waste no more time, check out the photos and do not hesitate to comment. Because that's exactly what this site is built for.

All there's left to say now is, ENJOY!

Ewout Stortenbeker
Marc Neeft