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  If you have any suggestions to the makers of this site, please post them here! Ewout or Marc will review your suggestion and implement/change it if possible. Basically this means that if it's a good idea, chances are your suggestion will be implemented. We will send you an email about the status of your suggestion.

26/Jul/2000 05:52 CET, Cape Town   
  Hi marc & ewout

Great site! Have you thought about creating a site where people can create tier own photo albums?

26/Jul/2000 19:33 CET, Krommenie, The Netherlands   
  Hi Anton, hows everything?

That could be an idea... It would take a lot of planning though... but hey, we aren't scared of that...
I'll have a good chat with Ewout about it.... But for now, let's just see what this site does...

Thanks for your suggestion! (the first ever!!!! )
27/Jul/2000 09:59 CET, Amsterdam Netherlands   
  Great site!
Perhaps one suggestion: It would be nice to be able to search a particular photo. (i.e. search for lions in the description)
27/Jul/2000 10:18 CET, Krommenie, The Netherlands   
  That's in the making... We're going to enable full text searching on the description of the pictures. Sardine Machine 1.1 should be out somewhere before the end of August.

Maybe we should list currently planned functionality as a menu option...? Ewout?