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  What's the Sardine Machine Community?

Safari Map The Sardine Machine Community is a group of people that have done an exciting safari through Africa in November/December 1999. We went on tour with an organization called "Nomad Adventure Tours" (see the link in the menu), travelling in an overland truck called "Jimmy". The tour started in Cape Town, South Africa, and ended in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe as you can see on the map on the left. On our way we came accross many diverse sceneries and slept at different campsites almost every day. We enjoyed and experienced Africa's magical beauty and charm as we came accross deserts, rivers, canyons, beaches, wildlife, stunning sunrises and -sets, waterfalls, ancient bushmen-paintings, jungle, locals, lots of booze and heat. The destination of the trip was the trip itself as every day was unique. You're probably wondering what the hell this "Sardine Machine" is about, well, I'm about to tell you. We like (read: love) to throw sardines into other people's trucks, especially if that other truck is called "Janis" and is doing the same itinerary as we're doing at the same time... Got the picture?

Why this site?

Jimmy (Truck) Since each and everybody on our tour was connected to the internet, the idea of creating a site with everybody's photos on there popped up quite quickly. On the one hand it's cool for members of the group to see what photos other members have taken on tour, and on the other hand it's a perfect way of sharing Africa with everybody who has or hasn't (yet - wait 'till you've seen the photos...) been there. Marc and Ewout took the responsibility to create and maintain the site and this is the result!

So, who are the members?

Group photo @ Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe The members are all the people that were on this tour, including the tourguides. Our group consisted of many different nationalities: 4 Dutch, 2 Belgians, 4 Norwegians, 2 Canadians, 6 Americans, 2 Germans, 1 Polish and 2 South Africans (tourguides). By name, they would be (Alpabetical order): Abby, Abina, Els, Erik, Ewout, Gray, Jacek, Jan, Jayson, Jesse, Jostein, Karen, Kristy, Marc, Matthew, Mattis, Michele, Nele, Nienke, Rune, Ryan, Sakinah, Silke and William.


Nele looking angry.. We cannot be held responsible for any addiction that *might* arise as you browse through our immense collection of photos of Africa. We will not be held responsible for any mental disorders that *will* arise as you learn more about the Sardine Machine, it's members and their stories. If you are offended quickly by explicit language usage, some parts of the site might be offensive to you.