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    Koopleis: Gray (tourguide) made up a list of what to buy, partly English, partly Afrikaans.
Translation: Braai (BBQ) Goods, green beans, garlic, potatoes,
fish, ????, extra big box of condoms, bread x22,
box of tomatoes, cucumbers (cum I cum cucumbers), peanut butter,
margerine, eggs, chicken, boerewors (roll of meat), gruel, pepper,
salad stuff, big black dick, green peppers,
cream, mushrooms, guess..., lasagne

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  3D Sardine Machine!
Ewout's skydive in 3D!
This is one of Ewout's skydive photo's. He decided to make it a 3D pic, and this is
the result! Click the photo to open the fullsize photo. Crossview to see a 3D-image!!

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