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  Welcome to the Sardine Machine Guestbook! If you are a Sardine Machine member, or just passing by, please leave a comment on what you think of the site!! Listed below are all the messages that were posted in the past.

13/Sep/2000 11:22 CET, Utrecht, Holland   
  O.K., don't get jealous but from 1 november till 1 feb I will be in Zambia, actually seeing the country instead of only drinking there. I will let you all know how it really looks.
8/Sep/2000 09:55 CET, SMC   
  Very nice site, man!
24/Aug/2000 21:25 CET, Gruena-Chemnitz, Germany   
  hey guys!
I am still alive in good old Germany. Having a great job at EXPO2000 - the Worlds fair in Germany. But still: missing Africa!!!!!!!!!
Big hug for everybody of you sick F...s!!!
 Tim Klaassens
23/Aug/2000 10:18 CET, Hoorn - The Netherlands   
  Cool page Ewout....I didn't know that you like jumping out of a plane.
22/Aug/2000 16:37 CET, Krommenie, The Netherlands   
  Nienke > In the menu, there's an option called Help(FAQ) this should answer most of your questions. If you (or anyone else for that matter) have additional questions, please post them here or mail them to us...

In a couple of days you can also post them in the member forum Coming online anytime now!!

Good luck, and let us know how it goes!
22/Aug/2000 01:06 CET, East Montpelier VT, USA   
  Also, I think Oct or Nov may be the time to continue from the Falls to Kenya if anybody has some free time. Jason and or Grey, let me know if you will be running trips in this time frame.
22/Aug/2000 01:02 CET, East Montpelier VT, USA   
  This is an all points bulletin for one Mathew "Fat Bastard" Merell who hasn't been heard from in quite a while. If anybody should have contact with this scoundrel tell please have him contact Jesse and Ryan in Telluride Colorado for debaucherous fun.
22/Aug/2000 00:27 CET, Lawnside, NJ, USA   
  I love the site. Its great to look back on those fun day in Southern Africa. Hope to see more pictures soon.
21/Aug/2000 15:57 CET, Utrecht, Holland   
  can somebody (Ewout/Mark??) tell me how to scan and most of all send my pictures to the site? I've got a shit-load of pictures. And they are great. Lots of close-ups and nice shots.
 Nomad Office Team
19/Aug/2000 15:01 CET, Cape Town, SA   
  We just loved the pics of Jason adn Grey - the 'bodybuilders' - why dont we get to see them like this? Great site, it is really lovely to see that you had such a good holiday with us. Makes it all worthwhile!
4/Aug/2000 14:04 CET, Hoorn, The Netherlands   
  Hehehe... Guess you can put it like that... Sardine Security at its best!

Hmm... this guestbook starts to look like a forum... Good thing we started developing a forum for Sardine Members! (Coming soon...)
4/Aug/2000 13:58 CET, Krommenie, The Netherlands   
  Haha, beautiful, our backup server.... for security reasons not even on the same location (they're 40-50 k's apart)... Are we developing ourselves into a professional organisation or what??
2/Aug/2000 23:55 CET, Hoorn, The Netherlands   
  Hi everyone, just a couple of notes on the reactions posted to the guestbook until now:
Jesse: We definately should all go back for some more Sardine Machine & thanks for your concern about Marc and me running around Amsterdam loose...
Matt: We sure do!
Erik: Sorry about that... I knew that error was on the site but forgot about it... It's changed!

Keep 'em coming!
1/Aug/2000 09:19 CET, Malopolska, Poland   
  Wow, the site is really cool! Thanks for your time folks!
I'll try to post some discrediting pictures from our Zambia adventure , got loads of those.
1/Aug/2000 02:05 CET, Aas, Norway   
  A very good site guys. Nice photos and overall finish. I just have to point out that we are not danish. We are Norwegians.
31/Jul/2000 22:41 CET, Granville Ohio, USA   
  I love the site. It would be better if there were hundreds of naked men wearing nothing. But that is just my personal opinion. I am a fat bastard and I love throwing sardines into rival trucks. We kick ass.
31/Jul/2000 12:34 CET, Utrecht, Holland   
  This is great guys! I am gonna find out how to scan my pictures. I've got loads of them.
Jesse, what picture about cream? Do I want to know?
30/Jul/2000 21:12 CET, London, Ontario, CANADA   
  Yeah! Stellar work fellas!!!
Thank you for putting the effort into making the page. It's wonderful!
30/Jul/2000 17:08 CET, Wormer   
  Super Site Marc! Goed gedaan

Edit: For the not-so-Dutch: Goed gedaan = Well done
[Message edited by Ewout (administrator)]
27/Jul/2000 18:14 CET, East Montpelier VT, USA   
  Rocking good job fellas, befitting of Sardine allums. Thanks for taking the time to establish out tour for posterity and the envy of others. I'll try to get some of my choice pics up soon. Perhaps, that racyone of me and Nienka and the whipped cream, or maybe not. Anyway, now that this sites taken care of we had better all go back and start afresh.
Wouldn't want the two of you loose on Amsterdam with to much time on your hands.

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