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  Welcome to the Sardine Machine Guestbook! If you are a Sardine Machine member, or just passing by, please leave a comment on what you think of the site!! Listed below are all the messages that were posted in the past.

26/Jul/2000 21:04 CET, Cape Town, South Africa   
  [received through email]

Ewout and Marc, that is brilliant, congrats!!!!!!!!!!!
26/Jul/2000 21:02 CET, Cape Town, South Africa   
  [received through email]

Well done guys - this is fantastic! Love the photos.

26/Jul/2000 04:56 CET, Groesland NL   
  What's up y'all?
Ewout this site rocks very hard, cool colours... dunno anything to post anymore see y'all

[Message edited by Marc (administrator)]
26/Jul/2000 13:58 CET, Worms, Germany   
  Hi guys, this site is brilliant!!!! I am so surprised about your work. Well done. And a lot of the photos are good too. If I need some help because of webdesign I will ask you guys, thats for sure.

Lovies, Mish
26/Jul/2000 03:36 CET, Hoorn, The Netherlands   

What do you think of the site?!

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